We Match Quality Candidates from Saraswat and All Communities of Indians – Since 1999

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We Match Quality Candidates from Saraswat and All Communities of Indians - Since 1999Click Image To Visit SiteIndian matchmaking portal for marriage helping Progressive minded, Quality candidates from Saraswats, GSBs and All Communities in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and around the world. One of the oldest matrimonial websites which was started by Vrinda Rao in 1999. Has been continuously serving the Saraswat and other Indian brides and grooms in Matchmaking. Initially it was started for only Saraswat Brahmin brides and grooms. Vaste majority of people of this community are highly educated. Since Saraswats are very progressive in their ideas, there are lots of inter-community marriages happening in this community. Parents of many boys and girls themselves are married outside the community. Taking this in to consideration, this website started welcoming registrations from progressive minded boys and girls from other communities who were looking for life-partners who were well-educated with modern outlook. We serve all communities of Indians. Most of the Brides and Grooms come from highly educated and cultured backgrounds. We also have USA born, Indian Brides and Grooms.

We have not kept a record of all the matches that happened through Meetmatch, giving below some of the email messages we could dig out from all the ‘Good News’ messages received in the past 19 years of our personalized service. The joy we derive from reading these makes our work and lives seem worthwhile. Respected Vrinda Rao, My daughter is getting engaged at Bangalore. This has taken place through your Meetmatch.com. We all are very grateful to you. A Million Thanks to you – Ms J Harwathe Dear Vrinda Rao, I would like to thank you personally as my son has found his life-partner, thanks to your website. -Ms C Kadle Dear Vrinda, Trust this finds you in good health and cheer. We are very very happy to inform you that our… Read more…

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