The Ultimate Guide to the Shih Tzu

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The Ultimate Guide to the Shih TzuClick Image To Visit SiteYou know, picking out a puppy is one of the most important – and stressful – things you’ll ever do. If you’re anything like me, you start out with a breed you like to look at. Maybe your childhood pet was a particular breed; perhaps you’ve seen a breed that caught your eye while watching the Westminster Kennel Club show on TV.

For me – and thousands of others – it’s the Shih Tzu. Are you like me, too? Then we already have lots in common!

So many of my clients say they wish they’d had some kind of manual that they could refer to before, during and after getting their dog but there was nothing out there. That’s why I created The Ultimate Guide to the Shih Tzu just for you so you can benefit from my years of experience with this breed and be miles ahead of other new dog owners.

Do the above points sound like I’m trying to talk you out of a Shih Tzu? Not at all! Like any breed, there are some things you’ll deal with when raising or training a Shih Tzu and you’ll succeed far better and faster than others when you have all the right information to refer to.

I used to admire the “perfectness” of my friends’ dogs. They walked well on lead (also called “loose leash”), didn’t jump up and bark, and curled up on the floor right near their favorite human’s feet.

What I didn’t know was that it took some time to have a puppy or dog fit into a family schedule and environment. Luckily, you have The Ultimate Guide to the Shih Tzu to help you train and care for your perfect dog!

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