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Teachers Guide Science Fair Projects -Click Image To Visit SiteIf you wish to succeed in teaching and have a long career, then you must build a positive learning environment for your students. Being a successful teacher doesn’t mean you have the most knowledge on your subject area, or that you have the best teaching strategies. Successful teachers are ones who can put their students in the right frame of mind to maximize their learning, and that begins with a positive learning environment.

The first way to create a positive learning environment for all students is to greet them at the door as they enter the classroom. If you wish to have a positive environment, then you must exude positivity. This type of attitude is contagious and students will mimic your positivity. Students will also feel welcomed while walking in and start the class with the right mind set before taking their seat. Whether you’re going to lecture on pythagorean theorem, graphic design, wood shop, or how to write an argumentative essay, greeting students at the door is the first step towards a positive learning environment.

Students are more willing to learn if there is an unwavering level of trust between the teacher and the student. The only way to build this type of trust and form a positive relationship is to invest your time as a teacher into your students.

Get to know your students beyond the classroom, and understand who they are on a more personal level. Understand what motivates them, what they like and don’t like, what they’re favorite subject is and what they’re least favorite subject is. You must know your students inside and out to cultivate a positive learning environment. Yes, this will take time and energy, and you may not always feel like making this type of investment, but… Read more…

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