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Squash Training - Video Lessons, Drills & Routines - SquashFit TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteThat’s just a snippet of what you’ll receive when you order SquashFit today. Keep reading to discover even greater personal benefits starting almost immediately…

Just starting out? SquashFit is the ideal starter solution for beginners. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly customize any programme to your skill or fitness level. Just follow the quick and easy pre-packaged session plans and see immediate results.

Been playing for a long time? You’ll want to mix and match the circuit stations to amp up your workout. Because you can personalise every session, you can make it as intense and focused as you desire.

With SquashFit, your seemingly impossible goals of today will become your new reality tomorrow… and you’ll have a blast achieving them!

Every aspect of the SquashFit programme has been designed to radically change the way you think about training. No longer will you be playing squash to get fit. Now, you’ll be getting fit – mentally, physically and strategically – to play squash. See the difference? Your competition definitely will!

Much, much more than a "general" training programme, every exercise, drill, and circuit in the SquashFit Kit was engineered to specifically strengthen, sharpen, and enhance the fitness and skill levels of squash players just like you. Let me tell you what SquashFit is not. SquashFit is not a fitness programme for cyclists or runners. It’s not an all-purpose exercise course for skiers or basketball players. SquashFit is not for just any athlete (although anybody could definitely benefit from it). SquashFit is a sport-specific "curriculum" that has been designed from the bottom up totally and completely and 100% for squash players by squash players. That means you can trust that what you’re learning and doing in your workouts will translate into winning results in the game. Period.

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