Pro Racing Setup GT Sport Edition


Pro Racing Setup GT Sport EditionClick Image To Visit SitePro Racing Setup GT Sport Edition is the complete guide that every GT Sport driver has been waiting for. 23 pages of in-depth analysis and crystal clear explanation of every aspect related to car balance, from professional driving techniques and input configuration to basic vehicle setup and fine-tuning Join the club, buy Pro Racing Setup GT Sport Edition and bring your driving to a new level. Build your custom setup, follow our 14 steps setup guide and create the perfect setup based on your skills. Compete with the best drivers in the world and climb the rankings to the top

Join the club. Many gamers have already improved their skills thanks to this guide. Stop being the last of the pack, climb the rankings to the top

This guide has been written by former professional racers and racing instructors, that now are enjoing theirselves with simulations (much safer!)

Download Pro Racing Setup GT Sport Edition on any device. You just need a PDF Reader to access the content and start your journey. Immediate access to direct download

Ready to print: thin black on white text and just few images, 23 light pages, perfect for saving printing costs

Tired of being a mediocre gamer? Join the Pro Gamer race and compete with top drivers from all over the world thanks to Pro Racing Setup. Buy the guide and follow the experts in this amazing journey, you will learn the basics of race driving, the meaning of all GT Sport setup options and the tips that make a professional driver.

Master racecar setup with an accurate in-depth step-by-step guide. You will be able to build and fine-tune your unique setup, tailor made on your driving style and skills.

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