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Practical Beekeeping Book - Start Beekeeping - All about beesClick Image To Visit SiteThe Practical Beekeeping tips, know how and step-by-step instructions on how to start bee keeping right now!

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If honey bees disappeared off the face of the Earth all humans would be wiped out by starvation within about 3 years. Shocking right? What does this mean today? There’s an EVER-INCREASING DEMAND for HONEY and POLLINATION and that means BEEKEEPERS! We won’t bore you with the whole “how this could happen” story because you’d still be here at Christmas… but what you will want to know is this:

Learn how you can keep honey bees in your area! By doing so, you ensure plants and trees in your area will thrive. At the same time, you enjoy harvesting your own bee honey,bee pollen and royal jelly.You also get to benefit from a high demand in bee products around the world and bee keeping services. Bee removals are increasing as more bees move into suburban and urban areas. Honey is increasingly in demand too!

Bees pollinate around 70% of the world’s plants and trees including fruit trees, maize, wheat, sunflowers and so much more.

Without honey bees there is very little cross pollination and that means very low harvests come summer time for picking apples, pears, strawberries, corn… Read more…

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