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PLACE 2 WINClick Image To Visit SiteWhat do you do if enjoy betting on horses and want to make a consistent profit but… want to minimise any risk associated with the sport??

For a long time now I’ve spent a majority of my time and energy picking horses in the place market.

By using my exceptional selection criteria I managed to hit 896 winners over a 13 month period from November 2017 to December 2018 and maintained an average of 18.82 points per month over that period.

I’m not going to reveal my method for obvious reasons, one of them being me not wanting to distress the already delicate prices of the place market for myself and anyone following me

I pick an average of 5 place bets daily depending on the number of courses/potential opportunities

With An average win rate of over 70% I find that this method gives a lot better returns than a normal Win bet.

My method allows you to Start small OR if you have a big enough bank you can bet to £50 level stakes with confidence

Most of the races I choose have more than 8 runners which means we profit from 1st 2nd & 3rd place finishes.

Part of my strategy compensates for slippage, in other words I make sure that we have a cushion of about 2 losses each day before profits are affected, on most occasions we only end up at a loss if 3 or more horses don’t make the frame. It does happen unfortunately but the sheer consistency this service provides always prevails.

For the most part 2019 has gone smoothly with a very high strike rate [currenty 70.66%] £5,268.39 [minus my £1,250 starting bank] so far for my efforts.

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