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John Gibb RacingClick Image To Visit Site– If you’re looking for a "Get Rich Quick" scheme… close this page now! This is NOT for you!

– If you expect winners every single day and can’t fund losing runs… close this page now! This is NOT for you!

– If you’re not willing to give this a proper go for at least a month… close this page now! This is NOT for you!

What I have for a select few of you today is the chance to use the same selections I use to make some BIG paydays betting on the horses.

[-] Risk only £5 per day. [-] Limit the bets to only "best bets" that I think will win regardless of the odds.

I know a lot of punters that have a tipster they follow, who they like to follow and will always follow. No problem from me, if you are one of these people consider yourself very lucky, a lot of punters will never find a tipster that they are that comfortable with!

I wanted to create a strategy that would appeal to everyone, even the punters who already had enough tips per day from their reliable sources.

Since the start of the year I made Profit 9 out of the 10 month. My only loss was in August and I was only £10 down!

Here’s my winners since the start of the month, so you get an idea of what kind of returns you can expect…

After joining you will be asked to supply an email address, this is where the daily selection emails will be sent.

No, you can place your bets with any bookmaker online or on the high street. Shop around to get the best odds if you don’t mind using multiple bookies to place your bets. I use betfair to track my progress, what… Read more…

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