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Jockey JewelsClick Image To Visit provides its users with ‘gems’ of inside information that usually only jockeys and industry experts know about. You can learn how I made well over £200,000 last year (not from riding but betting) using this inside information.

Discover race betting’s BIGGEST SECRETS from the industry experts who have the connections and inside information

Soon you will be making THOUSANDS OF POUNDS A WEEK. Imagine what you will do with the money…

Like many professional sports, horse racing has a small upper crust of jockeys who earn millions of pounds a year, some middle earners and a large underclass who are barely earning a living. The fact is, I barely made a living as a professional jockey! I only earnt around £55 per race, or around £14,000 a year. In order to earn more, I needed to finish in a top 3 position… However, as a jockey, I knew for a fact that it is not just about riding as fast as you possibly can. There are politics because there is so much money involved. Despite all the odds, I am now earning hundreds of thousands from the horses! This is a top secret that I am revealing to you… because there were some races in which we were told which horses were assigned to win!

With so little money earned per race and so much head-banging politics involved, it typically forced me to find a way to support myself. The only way to break out of the daily grind of my profession was to latch onto the tail of an assigned rising star, and win big money from placing bets. Over the past 20 years, I have built connections, and gathered inside useful information for my betting tips. I have been in the know… Read more…

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