How to Care for Your Pet Bird – By Dr. Joel Murphy

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How to Care for Your Pet Bird - By Dr. Joel MurphyClick Image To Visit SiteThis E-Book Includes all of the vital information and Practical Tips Gleamed from years of Clinical Experience as well as Research at The Murphy Exotic Bird Research Center.

The chapter on nutrition gives you all of the latest info that you need to feed your bird a diet that will ensure a long and healthy life.

Includes a complete emergency manual that tells you step by step what to do in all of the routine pet bird emergencies. The chapter on poison prevention reveals secrets that could save your pet’s life and save you hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees.

Most importantly the book will teach you how to prevent and protect your bird from hazards and infections that you may not even know about. Dr. Murphy explains all of the routine tests that your veterinarian should and should not do in plain simple english, what tests are necessary and what tests are optional.

If you are thinking about raising a baby parrot you do not want to be without the two chapters on parrot pediatrics. Dr. Murphy explains, in these easy to read chapters how to keep your baby safe from all of the common and not so common dangers. You will feel like an expert after learning the information in these most comprehensive chapters.

Did you know that seed diets are the number one cause of death in pet birds? That drafts are not a cause of disease in pet birds?

Learn the inside secrets of long time parrot trainers and how to prevent behaviors that can make your pet bird intolerable.

"Dr. Murphy has compiled and simplified into an easy to read format recent advances and standard practices in avian medicine that will improve every bird enthusiast’s understanding of bird care as well as… Read more…

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