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Half Time MethodClick Image To Visit SiteIts your hard earned cash you’re putting on and you’re willing to just let is flutter away into the bookies pockets.

This is the way you have been told to bet. This is the way that many tipsters, who have deals with the bookies, will tell you to bet.

Even when they’re not getting paid out from the bookies they are too lazy to help you win, why would they, you’re already paying them their fee, they send you some tips and their work is done.

From today you can start betting and winning, and when we don’t win, we make sure we get our money back too…

This is a strategy I developed in the 2016/17 season, I used it along side other methods that season and sort of forgot about it when the 2017/18 season kicked off.

Going into the New Year I started using it again and bagged over £9,000 profit from mid January to the end of the season.

2018/19 was the first full season I have been using this method and starting with £25 stakes and increasing through the season I managed to bag £23,560

I started the 2019/20 season with £100 stakes, looking to increase to £250 and then £500 stakes through the season, so far and it has netted me over £6,280 PURE PROFIT!

Well the fact that we don’t lose enables me to use bigger and bigger stakes as we add to the bank. I’m looking to easily clear £40,000 by the end of the season but just beware that is using a progressive staking plan so unless you have a very large bank to match my bets you are unlikely to see £34,000 profit in the reamainder of the season.

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