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Get the Knitting Bible Study HereClick Image To Visit SiteHello, my name is TerryAnn, but because I love Teddy Bears so much, all my friends call me BearyAnn. I learned to knit as a child in the 4H club. Then, when my children were young I enjoyed knitting and crocheting many of their toys. Later I started learning about new technologies and got hooked on computers. Between that, and a career, and raising my 2 girls I set needle crafts aside.

I recently returned to knitting as a way to distract myself from my chronic pain and help keep my spirits up during those especially high pain episodes.  And it does help. One time, while I was untangling a ball of yarn, I pondered how my life was a tangled mess and only God could guide me through the tough times as well as the good. This led me to think of other word pictures and how they relate to knitting, God and the Bible. I then sought out Bible studies centered around knitting. There was very little to be found. So I started writing down my own stories and word pictures. I sought out scripture, meditated and prayed over them and my writing. Once some friends heard what I was doing, they asked me to share it with them.

So I got it all ready and submitted the material for the Fall 2007 session of Bible Studies at my church. I received approval, we began first the Knitting Bible Study and…

The women just loved it! We had new knitters just learning and “seasoned” knitters to show them how. We would all gather at our meeting spot which had nice soft chairs and sofas. Then after some prayer, we would begin.

What worked best was for one person to Read the Lesson and Scripture verses while the rest… Read more…

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