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First StrikeClick Image To Visit SiteAttention: Any Man Concerned With The Rise Of Violent Encounters In The United States — and Who Wants To Protect Himself and His Family From Those Who Intend Harm — Must Master The 17 Viciously Effective Special Forces Combatives Moves Now Revealed For The First Time On This Page

But within seconds nobody was laughing anymore — this guy Steve had both his aggressors stunned on the floor, wondering what happened while he quickly pulled his wife to safety and got the hell out of there…

Yet he had never trained in martial arts. And his only belts were for holding up the pants of the suits he wore to work every day.

So how did Steve — a short, skinny, and kinda flabby guy who doesn’t work out, and who has never stepped foot in a martial arts studio — lay out these two aggressive guys twice his size?

Steve quickly read the situation, which we’ll look more closely at in a minute. He recognized all the patterns that were playing out in front of him. And he had the confidence to trust his own instinctive reaction to inflict devastating violence on his aggressors.

And get this… he learned how to unleash his genetically hardwired ability to unleash crippling force in less than a few hours — without any formal martial arts training — using a brand new collection of devastatingly simple Special Forces combatives. I’ll tell you exactly how he did it in a minute so keep reading…

Did you know your ability to inflict serious damage to an aggressor in order to protect yourself and your family is hardwired into your human genes?

As a man, you have instinctive reactions passed down through countless generations designed to keep you and your loved ones alive and safe.

Yet the modern world has… Read more…

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