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Ejaculation By Command By Lloyd Lester - Ejaculation By CommandClick Image To Visit SiteIs a small, stucco-coated two-story Spanish style mansion… Situated on an oversized lot, it doesn’t look like much on the outside… But this particular mansion holds a secret that you would never suspect just by looking at it. Because once a month dozens of the most beautiful, sultry, and desirable women from all over Southern California flock to its front doors… For a private, invitation-only gathering that none of the participants would ever admit to attending outside of its walls… And these women are NOT coming in search of fortune or fame either… they’re coming for a dose of mind-warping pleasure so intense… It leaves them shaking, breathless and convulsing… barely able to walk or move… addicted to a rare kind of orgasmic release they never even knew was possible. Because the men who host these hush-hush soirees are not just rich and powerful… they have a secret. A secret that gives them the power to enjoy controlled, lasting pleasure and the ability to climax on command…

So they can last as long as they want, whenever they want… even though most of them are well into their 50s.

…Even the coldest, most conservative, or stubborn woman can be converted into a rabid nymphomaniac on the spot. And today, right here on this page you’re going to discover their secret for yourself. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’re going to have the power to control exactly how long you last every single time you have sex… You’ll have such precision control over both your pleasure and hers that whether you want to last 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or even well over an hour… You’ll have the power to do it… Every time… On command

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