EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself Kit


EB2 NIW Do-It-Yourself KitClick Image To Visit SiteDo you know that the attorney fee for the application of a green card could easily cost you $5,000 to $6,000?

If you have a graduate degree (such as a Master’s Degree or a PhD degree) or if you are pursuing a graduate degree, you can apply for a green card by yourself.

Our EB2 NIW DIY Kit comes with one bonus. This bonus was added to help you obtain certified English translations for your foreign documents.

BONUS: Sample certified translations for foreign (Chinese) documents: Birth Certificate; Marriage Certificate; Prize Award Certificate; B.Sc. degree diploma. In our Package, we also reveal how and where you can obtain your own certified English translations of foreign documents.

This ebook will explain the green card application process. The ebook was compiled in a "Questions & Answers" format. This shall give you a big-picture view of the green card application process.

This checklist will get you started on your green card application. The preparation of some documents is straighforward. However, some other documents might take a lot of time to prepare. For example, it may take five to six weeks or even longer to obtain your recommendation letters. With this checklist, you can start to put together your green card application package.

The petition letter is the key to your successful I-140 petition. The sample petition letter is in Microsoft Word format so that you can modify on.

The sample recommendation letters are in Microsoft Word format so that you can modify to draft your own recommendation letters.

I-485 Application is also known as "Adjustment of Status" application. The I-485 application is a relatively easy step in your green card application process. Our detailed checklist will make this step even easier.

We provide the following example filled forms… Read more…

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