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E-Book - Saltwater Aquarium AdviceClick Image To Visit SiteSo for those of you who need a translation to understand my Kiwi accent… here’s what I just said in the video:

“Hi, I’m Andrej Brummer, the saltwater scientist, and welcome to SaltwaterAquariumAdvice.com.

They’re so beautiful with so many colours, shapes and forms, it’s like natures television in your own house.

Water quality issues, compatibility issues, choosing sick and damaged invertebrates, not doing what you are supposed to, making silly mistakes.

And that’s why I wrote my eBook “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Corals” to help people just like you.

The key to a thriving saltwater aquarium is to create an environment just like the ocean; everything is pristine, everything is stable, the chemistry, the lighting, the compatibility, the flow, it’s all PERFECT.

This is what most people do. These people run off to the internet when something goes badly wrong, get confusing, conflicting advice and lose a lot of money fixing nasty mistakes. Or:

You don’t have to spend months learning everything there is to know but do get some important lessons that will be the defining difference between a thriving tank and a trouble-prone, expensive one.

When I was starting out I screwed up a lot. I don’t mind telling you I wiped my entire tank out not once, but twice through making silly little mistakes I didn’t even realize I was making at the time!

I lost years of hard work, thousands of dollars and all the love I put into that tank and my dead pets…I was almost ready to quit.

Whenever I had minor or major problems I did a LOT of research online, everything and everyone advised me something different.

After becoming fed up with failure I decided to properly… Read more…

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