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CRM, Project Manager, Task Manager: Groobix - Easy to use online tools to help you run your businessClick Image To Visit SiteOrganize your sales process and coordinate the work of you sales team so they never "drop the ball" on a sales opportunity.

Today more than ever, it is essential that you collect from your customers as quickly as possible. This application organizes your collection process to help you get your money ASAP.

Build your own website or blog in a couple of clicks, link it with the largest social networks, get your word out and the customers in!

Manage several projects easily, coordinating the work of your team with goals, milestones, tasks and sharing the information needed to succeed in your work.

Store and share your busines’s important documents, linking them with your customer-data, projects, tasks or any other data type stored in Groobix.

Store your busines’s important dates and share them with your team: tax calendars, customer presentations, important visits and any other date that is important for your work.

Now you can easily create, print and send your sales quotes, and track them all the way to maximize your sales opportunities.

Use this application to ensure that all customer complaints and requests receive the best possible attention in the shortest time.

Now you can easily create forms for your website, e-mail, or share on social networks. And you do not need any programming or technical knowledge!

Your to-do list on steroids! and your team’s too!. With this simple app you can make your workgroup unstoppable!

Use this module to keep your checks portfolio under control, and be always aware of your upcoming finantial obligations.

One of the major assets of your organization is its knowledge. Share it with Notes, easy to use and always available to everyone in your team.

Create, print and send your invoices easily. Plus, you get all the charts you need… Read more…

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