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Course Directory – The Glass Painter's Method: CoursesClick Image To Visit SiteNo one – not even a master – can trace long, lovely trace lines unless they mix great paint to start with. That’s why this ebook and videos will teach you are everything you need to know about your paint: how you mix it, how you test it, how you store it, and how you bring it back to life. Read more

This 8-week course is perfect for beginners. It’s also excellent if you’ve done a short course elsewhere, or maybe taught yourself, and just don’t feel confident yet. It’s a very thorough course: you will get super-confident by the end. To give you the attention we know you’ll need, we only teach this class twice a year. Learn more here

Once you start to feel confident with tracing and flooding, the next best skill you can learn is how to work with silver stain. Unfortunately, most books say to mix your stain with water. This course teaches you a better way. All with just 3 brushes. More here

The traditional way of shading is risky or time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We’ve developed techniques which cut out the risk and speed up the process. In this course, you’ll learn two amazing ways of making shadows. Watch demos and continue reading here Read more…

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