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Christina Moreland - I help moms become healthy and fit.Click Image To Visit SiteThank you so much for being so intuitive to know these young moms can be the Super Moms they long to be, and for helping them with what you have found works.

Fit Mom Secrets is an excellent resource for moms wanting to get their bodies back after babies. Christina is motivating and very encouraging, but also dispels any excuses you might have for not getting fit! The information is presented in an easy to read format, and I can totally imagine myself reading this on my phone while nursing my baby!

Loved your book!!! I loved how you broke the nutrition down so everyone can understand, loved the workouts and the illustrations. Super easy to follow 🙂 Awesome job!!! I would recommend this book to any mom.

I love this book!! Christina Moreland has made getting back in shape after having kids so easy! While some books make nutrition advice overwhelming, the tips that Christina provides are very helpful and easy to follow.

Christina, I love what you’re doing and I’ve seen huge changes and have got my confidence back. I also have to brag for a second… Since I’ve been following the program I have lost pants sizes and my love handles are going away. I feel so confident and determined more than I have ever been. Ladies do not give up because it really works.

This book is exactly what I needed. It filled in the gaps that the other pregnancy books left out. I read it cover to cover in about 10 days… not only did it help me prepare for the debut of my little girl, but it helped me with the recovery and the immediate days following.

This is a great book with TONS of good information for any mom, whether she… Read more…

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