Azimuth Navigation


Azimuth NavigationClick Image To Visit SiteIt is intended for the SatNav user who wants to know more about how GPS, navigation and mapping combine together to give us these systems. It is a behind the scenes information and awareness for those with an interest in understanding more about what is involved, the difficulties encountered and some misconceptions that are around. It is not a guide to particular systems or how to use them individually. It will not, directly, help you to not get lost. There are other books for not getting lost, involving map and compass. It will help you to understand where things can go wrong, how to notice them and correct them, or at least to know not to rely on it for the moment. It will also give you an edge over those who think they know but really don’t.

There is quite a lot involved and the book covers it in a fair amount of detail. However, some of you may not want the whole detail so the pdf, which is the main idea, comes in two forms as a Basic book and an Advanced book. The advanced is also available to download as reader formats. All four are available. Read more…

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