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23 Percent MethodClick Image To Visit SiteGet my email each morning. Copy my bets. Withdraw £5,000 profit in 19 weeks time.

I’ve been a bettor for many years and a very profiatble one at that. I’ve tried most strategies that were successful and due to this have had plenty of bookie accounts limited or even closed altogether.

This left me in a little bit of a quandry. How to I keep pulling out cash from my strategies when the bookies won’t take your bets?

I now use the Betfair Exchange to place my bets, but there are others around you can use which I’ll cover later on.

On the Exchange, Betfair get paid regardless of what I win, they take a fee off every winning bet I make and when I win the profit comes from betting against other punters.

This means my strategy relies on other punters thinking differently to me and its a good job there’s a lot of bad punters out there and just as many bad tipsters as this makes my life much easier.

The first week we only make £23 profit, but by the end of week 19 we’re looking at a profit of £955.04.

Why stop at 23% per week? So we can ensure we hit that amount each week, even if a few resutls don’t go our way.

£100 to £5,107 in 19 weeks and I’m sure you’ll be happy to withdraw your £5,000 profit.

The issue with bigger amounts is having the bottle to place the bets. Imagine putting £20,000 on a bet. Could you do it? Even if the strategy is proven to work?

I prefer to let my members decide on what they want to stake but I advise a £100 starting bank for the first run.

Starting Bank the aim… Read more…

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